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I am Marcello Konings. 23 years old and I like to see my self as a technology loving, creative and ahead thinking IT professional who believes that future technologies should make our (work)life easier. In the past I worked for Aon as a network engineer and helped them design and build part of their now standardized (office)network. Besides that, I am an active member of the Dutch LAN-Party scene and my team and I organize events to connect gamers, eSporters and companies with each other.

Aon Risk Services | Aon Rotterdam 2018 — Ongoing

Network Engineer – EMEA Networking Services

Working as a member of the Aon EMEA network team to transition the Mutliple sites in our EMEA Network Infrastructure towards a more modern, simpler and efficient network environment. As a Network Engineer my team and I are responsible for keeping the EMEA network environment alive and kicking.


  • Helped design and build multiple network infrastructures from start to finish.
  • Helped facilitate integration of multiple complex platforms that now work together.
  • Adapted as a Junior to an Enterprise organisation.

Aon Risk Services | Aon Rotterdam 2018 — 2018

Graduate Intern – EMEA Networking Services

Supported Aon in designing, testing and implementing a NL Office network standard.


  • Researched Aon's current Routing,Switching and Wi-Fi platforms.
  • Researched network redundancy and resiliency methods.
  • Researched new Routing, Switching and Wi-Fi platforms.
  • Designed a small and large branch-office network standard.
  • Created a Proof-of-Concept enviroment in EVE-NG.
  • Created a Testing Strategy.

Aon Risk Services | Aon Rotterdam 2016 — 2017

Intern – EMEA Networking Services

Designed a migration approach to migrate multiple local DNS/DHCP/NTP and IPAM platforms to a centralised InfoBlox platform.


  • Mapped the DNS infrastructure of Aon EMEA area.
  • Helped implementing the Aon EMEA DNS/DHCP/NTP and IPAM platform.
  • Learned alot about IT Service Managment as a whole.
  • Studied for ITILv3 Foundation and recieved the certificate.

MediaMarkt Breda 2016 — 2018

Technical Support for Consumers | PowerService

Supported customers with various consumer electronics questions, repairs and problems.


  • Certified myself for Smartphone repair. (Samsung/Apple/Huawei)
  • Certified myself for Tablet repair. (Samsung/Apple/Huawei)
  • Certified myself for Laptop repair.
  • I improved my communcation skills alot explaining technical topics to customers.

DreamLAN LAN-Parties 2014 — Ongoing

Event organiser

Co-founder of the DreamLAN event and community. My team and I organise events to help gamers connect, compete and have a good time.

DreamLAN 2019 almost reached 100 participants!

DutchComicCon 2018 2018

Competition Admin - Overwatch

Hosted a stage with the DreamLAN team, we hosted a 6v6 Overwatch tournament which was viewed by 10.000+ People.

DutchComicCon 2017 2017

Competition Admin - Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Hosted a Playerunknown's Battlegrounds competition and got to share my excitement to alot of gamers!

Hogeschool Utrecht 2014 — 2018

System & Network Engineering
Bachelor Degree - Minor in Project Management

Radius College 2012 — 2014

ICT Systeem & Netwerkbeheer
Received my degree in 2 instead of the usual 4 years.


  • CCNA/CCNP (To be certified)
  • PFsense, DD-WRT
  • Ubiquiti Unifi, HPe Aruba
  • JunOS & Cisco IOS

IT Service Management

  • ITILv3 Foundation (Certified)
  • Prince2 (Certified)
  • SCRUM (to be Certified)
  • Agile working methods

Scripting / Programming

  • Python
  • (Linux)Shell scrpting (Bash/Powershell)
  • Basic Web Development (HTML, PHP, CSS, Bootstrap & JavaScript)

Other IT related

  • VMware vSphere & Hyper-V
  • CentOS, Debian and many other flavours of Linux
  • Grafana, InfluxDB, Telegraf
  • FreeNAS & ZFS
  • OpenStack, Nagios


  • Minor in Project Management
  • Microsoft Office Specialist & ECDL


  • Making coffee
  • Enjoying myself
  • Gaming (I hate to lose)

Applied Technology

  • Networking
  • Automation
  • Security / Cryptography
  • Open-Source technologies


  • Networking
  • Business development
  • Reducing complexity whilest adding functionallity

Personal interests

  • HomeLAB. I have my own lab environment at home
  • Cars, I drive a "91 Mazda Miata MX-5
  • Movies and series 🎥
  • Working out 🏋️

Some pictures out of my life